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Complimentary Show Invitations and VIP Registration Service

You can request invitation tickets (available in English and Japanese) as many as you like to distribute your customers.
Additionally, you can register top executives as VIPs, giving them privileges such as exclusive use of VIP lounge and express entry to the venue.
You can receive these services to arrange appointments with key decision makers.


Publicity Service

To maximise media coverage, Show Management prepares media releases which include your company and product information.
iOFT will send these releases to major Japanese and global press.
Simply send your information to Show Management and effectively publicise your company.


Exhibitor Directory & Web Link Service

Your company name and product details will be listed on the official exhibitor directory on-line, which has high access from industry professionals worldwide.
Also, exhibitors can link their company website to the official show website (English/Chinese/Korean/Japanese).
These will maximise your pre-show publicity.


Hotel Information and Interpreting / Translating Services

Information of standard international hotels which are located close to the exhibition site is available for exhibitors.
Also, for exhibitors to prepare Japanese leaflets, signboards and translation service is available at a reasonable price.