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Overall Review

There were a total of 172 product entries from all over the world, and as a whole, it seems that there was an influence of the pandemic, and many well-crafted ones with a calm design were seen. While applying existing technology, It was glad to see that there were many entry glasses that do not stand out too much and are suitable for simple daily life. Now that half of the face is covered with a mask, the importance of eyeglasses seems to become even more important as a way of communication.

( Mr. Shinichi Sumikawa )

Men's Eyewear

Review on Men's Eyewear Category

It was very rewarding to judge that the men's category which has, again this year, the most product entries. There is also a feeling that the number of designs that firmly aim the target as men's has increased compared to other years. It is fun to judge when the industry as a whole has men's, ladies', kids' and sports which the divisions of categories are so clear. The future of the eyeglass industry will become even more exciting as the concepts and specialties of each brand continue to emerge richly.

( Mr. Issei Mori )


  • Brand / RIGARDS
  • Product / RG0161ZCLE
  • Feature / Crafted from ethically sourced solid water buffalo horn overcoated with tree bark-rice straw paper and urushi. Sinuous bevels offer an artful nod to fluid East-Asian calligraphy brush strokes, creating three-dimensional refinement. Additional features: horn nose pads, and beta-titanium temples--hollowed back for lighter-weight comfort--with wood tips salvaged from premium furniture timber.
  • Review / The surface finish, which is different from the previous buffalo horns, was a very impressive work. While the brand image is firmly incorporated into the material, I thought that the combination of titanium and wood with the temples was also a wonderful finish, considering the practical use with comfort.


  • Brand / MAXIS
  • Product / MXU-217
  • Feature / Genderless & Ageless & Borderless. A transparent design that matches the clear green applied to the line-patterned rim and the acetate modern. The columnar temple end lowers the weight balance to the back and reduces the burden on the nose.
  • Review / Even though its form is standard and simple, the rim and the temple tips have a little ingenuity, and yet has a strong presence. The place that seems to be very easy to use for daily use was also highly evaluated.


  • Brand / DETAIL GRAM
  • Product / DG0008GB51
  • Feature / Designed with the concept of adult casual wear. The front is trimmed from a thin titanium sheet. The rim is winding inside to hide the thickness of the lens. The bridge is divided into parts, and the brow part is dyed so that it does not become too heavy.
  • Review / The titanium sheet which tends to be felt  heavy is a smartly finished by making the bridge and end pieces design simple. This point was very pleasant. The rim shape is also square, but it is not too intense thus the concept of adult casualness was well conveyed.

Ladies' Eyewear

Review on Ladies' Eyewear Category

In the women's category, where fashion is important, a variety of eyeglasses with a high degree of freedom in design have been gathered this year as well. The tendency is that the combination of resin and metal has appeared more. In addition, while the quality of design by modelling and materials was competing, an approach from a different point of view was also seen. All of them were highly evaluated for their commercialization by utilizing the user's individuality and imagination for lifestyle. I would like to continue to look forward to seeing the manufacturing from the user's perspective.

( Ms. Hitomi Sago )

NIDEK Co., Ltd.

  • Brand / LILY COULURE
  • Product / LILY-CLEAR02 Lavender Pink
  • Feature / "LILY-CLEAR" completes make-up the moment you put on the glasses. This is a proposal for new eye makeup that supports busy women today. Under the supervision of a professional make-up artist, we have a lineup of 12 colors.
  • Review / Whether you are going out to the neighborhood or having a remote work meeting, your eye makeup is completed instantly just by wearing them. The scene of its active role can easily imagined. It can be said that it is a high-quality innovation under the Covid-19 pandemic, which fulfils the potential desires of women in contemporary society.

tonysame japan Co., Ltd.

  • Brand / trico
  • Product / lib-br
  • Feature / "Glasses that make petite-faced women beautiful". An eyewear brand created for petite-faced women.
  • Review / It was an epoch-making product that makes you wonder why it has never existed before. By narrowing down the target to petite-faced women, we have realized the provision of beauty that suits them perfectly. The idea from the user's point of view is wonderful.

JF Rey

  • Brand / VOLTE FACE
  • Product / POMME0135 from Artenik concept
  • Feature / Artenik concept presents a stunning work with acetate inspired by ethnics patterns. Hight quality engraving sculpted levels, original design magnify acetate material in bright and sweet colours with kaleidoscopical effect.
  • Review / A product with beautiful resin that can be transferred in various colors depending on the angle, and a sophisticated shape. Because it is simple, the design with careful attention to detail stands out.

Kids Eyewear

Review on Kids Eyewear Category

The quality level of products is increasing year by year in the kids' division, such as sophisticated designs that reflect trends and luxurious texture. Being fashionable is expected as a matter of course. From there, each company used their own materials and parts and proposed functions that take into consideration of children who are actively moving around in the transitional period of growth. It is expected that attention to kids' glasses will increase in the future, but it is a pity that the number of entries was still not enough. I hope the kids division will be more liven up.

( Ms. Mirei Ito )


  • Brand / Jkids
  • Product / GR-20 Plan, development of the correction tool which there is with growth of children
  • Feature / (1) Available to replace endpieces and which effects less cost
    (2) Pressed Mono-block hinges provides less breakage, less mechanical troubles
    (3) Lower positioned of pads fits noses of growing children
    (4) Nose pads with adequate strength and easy adjustment
    (5) Designed to temple length adjusting
  • Review / Durable parts are used everywhere, and endpieces are designed to be replaceable. A simple and sophisticated design that can be used regardless of gender or scene is also evaluated.

ALPHA Co., Ltd.

  • Brand / FLOAT KIDS
  • Product / RISU-BROWN
  • Feature / A hinge less structure that can be used with any size of head. Silicone pads and temples have core materials to accommodate even the most violent movements, allowing for finer adjustments. A special resin is used to prevent it from breaking, and at the same time it is light.
  • Review / The supple and nimble comfort, hinge-less structure regardless of head size were highly evaluated. The temples have core material for fine adjustment. Affordable pricing that you can let mischievous children use them without hesitation is also good.

Faith Optic Co., Ltd.

  • Brand / gosh
  • Product / gos-1009
  • Feature / A design that is conscious of adult cuteness with a mannish polygonal shape and stripes. The front is made of stainless steel, which firmly fixes the child's face, and the temple is made of β-titanium, which is comfortable to wear and is flexible to correspond with motion.
  • Review / The striped pattern that children will want to pick up and the combination of mannish polygons are stylish. Consideration has been given to comfort, such as using stainless steel and β-titanium properly at key points, and this one has a good balance between function and design.


Review on Sunglasses Category

The playful design of the sunglasses category has been highly evaluated every year, but this year, in addition to that, elements such as "eye protection", "comfort", "environmental consideration" and "genderless" are also considered as important factors. Efforts to convey this in an easy-to-understand manner were evaluated. All of these are keywords that are required not only in glasses but in general life. The policy of the creator, the transmission of the message, and the design that respond to the times are becoming more and more important.

( Ms. Chizuru Muko )


  • Brand / VAVA EYEWEAR
  • Product / WL0049
  • Feature / WL0049 is made of Bio Acetate and a lightweight aluminum hinge, both eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. The model WL0049 is a Top Bar shaped sunglass frame with Barberini mineral crystal lenses from the VAVA WHITE LABEL. Handmade in Italy.
  • Review / The playful frame unique to sunglasses caught my eye. It seems that you can develop a conversation by being called out by someone and saying, "Actually, it also takes environment into consideration ." I can see the creator oneself enjoying making it.

Tanaka Foresight Inc.

  • Brand / Re:birth
  • Product / Re-101
  • Feature / This material of frame is corn based and 100% return to the ground in about 2 months when there is no soil pollution. Due to 100% plant origin material, this is also human body friendly. This frame partially adopts bio-lends which material is also bio material(castor oil).
  • Review / Sustainable designed eyewear stood out this year, but this background explanation is clear and convincing among them. The rounded design unified with gentle black and matte texture is also stylish.


  • Brand / HOPNIC
  • Product / High Contrast Polarized AirlyGlasses
  • Feature / High-contrast polarized sunglasses are designed over the glasses, and an airy duct is designed on the frame to achieve surprising lightness. The lens uses a new polarized lens (Orfevre) with yellow light cut to enhance contrast.
  • Review / Very light and practical design that is kind to the wearer. The simple design which could be worn regardless of gender or age is also highly evaluated.  Such ideas can be something that you would think they had already been, but in reality there are a few, and it is in high demand.

Functions & Technologies

Review on Functions & Technologies Category

It seems to be a characteristic part of this era that a completely new material or idea development does not need to be launched, but how you can upgrade existing technology. Manufacturers should continue to pursue solutions to the question of what is a comfortable function for users who use eyeglasses. It was great to see many designs that solved the problems that we feel in my daily life.

( Mr. Shinichi Sumikawa )


  • Brand / SWANS
  • Feature / The world first sports goggle made with 3D printer. (compatible with prescription lenses) The evolutional procedure can achieve the ever known fitting and provide more performance of anti-fog feature with comfortableness and breathability.
  • Review / 2021 was also the year of the Olympics / Paralympics, but the amazing fit of these sports goggles is wonderful. I realized that 3D printing technology has entered a fairly mature stage and has entered a sufficient stage at the product level.


  • Brand / [dun]
  • Product / DUN-2164-8col (single flip-up for women)
  • Feature / For working women, we propose a flip-up frame that focuses on design and daily wear eyeglasses. The mechanical part is inconspicuous, and it features a sharp design that is different from the "Nostalgic designed jump-up glasses". It looks good on the camera and is also useful for remote working environment.
  • Review / The flip-up structure of the lens is a method that has been used for a long time for bifocal glasses. The skill that was stylishly put together so the hinge does not look structural. Its consideration for women in contemporary society was highly evaluated.

JF Rey

  • Brand / JFREY
  • Product / HOLLOW JF29520030
  • Feature / Hollow frames could be vintage thanks to colors. From the front, acetate plays hide & seek with the groove, hiding it or showing it. The front endpiece is a piece of design: the clip fastening is integrated into the front endpiece thanks to smart and effective system named Hollow.
  • Review / Playfulness has always been an important factor. This product makes it possible with high quality and careful craftsmanship. The fashionable black and red coloring is also very nice. The lens attachment / detachment mechanism is also well considered.

Admission fee: JPY 5,000/person without this ticket. Those under the age of 18 are not permitted to enter.