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Overall Review

This year, we had entry by 78 companies with 245 products — the largest number ever. With numerous and various products displayed in an orderly manner, it turned out to be quite worthwhile to review them. Many of products in each category had such a high degree of perfection in terms of material, finish, etc. as to amaze judges.
We are convinced that this award has contributed in no small way to the progress represented by those products. With the majority of judges for this year being new to the panel, the review was done in a tense but fresh atmosphere, with careful examination for each category. Judges positively exchanged their observations and views to engage in active discussion. Discussion was sometimes heated, and the examination was conducted for long hours in an incredibly serious and strict manner given that judges met each other for the first time.

(Mr. Tatsuya Wada)

Men's Eyewear

Review on Men's Eyewear Category

While entries are varied in terms of design, many of them looked simple and decent. Perhaps because of the current trend or a demand from users, they gave an impression of “lightness” in terms of both appearance and physical weight, with a metal or combination frame. The fact that there are many products with a floating structure frame or spring hinges and temples may reflects a pursuit of “lightness” in a feel given when they are worn.

(Mr. Isao Takeuchi)


  • Brand / dun
  • Product / DUN-LC-012
  • Feature / For the 14th of the composite carbon model for this year. They are so light weight and comfortable to wear. Please come and check them out.
  • Review / With a three-dimensional browline frame, this pair gives a simple and strong impression. By adopting light and hard carbon composite material, it provides a feel that is not only soft but also steady “and stable” when it is worn. It has details processed without a flaw and shines for a high level of processing techniques.

KIT Co., Ltd.

  • Brand / pierre eyewear
  • Product / New York
  • Feature / New York is a unique creation of Pierre Eyewear. The aesthetics of the glasses is based on the optical illusion.There is different volume set on the edge created by the double metallic frame.Both inox bases are connected by a 8mm acetate circle.
  • Review / This is a novel pair of the “Bosllington” type with two layers of sheet metal in front sandwiching a plastic frame. While it appears flamboyant at first glance, it suits your face surprisingly well. Its temples have a edgy touch even though they are made of plastic, resulting in perfect uniformity in design.


  • Brand / GROOVER
  • Product / GOROUND
  • Feature / Obsessed with the quality of hand-shaped, repeated polishing processes and the unique technique gives another level of brilliance to this frame.  The design features the discordance between the polygonal shaped plastic and round metal parts. 
  • Review / This pair of a modified Sirmont style looks to create a stir about the deeply-rooted popular classic style. Not only does it have unique color and shape, it also has an exquisite degree of balance brought about by its gross exaggerated in a good sense.

Ladies' Eyewear

Review on Ladies' Eyewear Category

For women, eyeglasses worn every day are a part of their make-up and fashion. With functional features such as being lightweight and giving a supple feel when worn as perquisites, what matters is how much attraction eyeglasses can bring out in a woman who wears them. In such a sense, all awarded products excelled in design including the shape of their frame and their color that makes the wearer’s complexion look better. It is also a common feature of awarded products that they suggest both the manufacturer’s policy and the manufacturing attitude of thinking in the "eyeglasses" of wearers.

(Ms. Chizuru Muko)


  • Brand / MOREL
  • Product / MOREL 20052K
  • Feature / The new frames of the Koali collection boast real vintage flair, in particular thanks to their 1960's style butterfly designs. The pantos or rectangular metal frames come in sizes M to L, and feature a gorgeous nylon arch. This nylon, with its cat-eye design and tinted, transparent hue, provides the frames with a touch of originality.
    These unique new frames are a true ode to feminity.
  • Review / This pair has a little aggressive design which is based on a vintage-like feel but does not end up being just retro. Its color and cat’s-eye frame will bring out coquettishness in each and every woman.


  • Brand / ESPLENDOR
  • Product / EP-9001
  • Feature / A model that emphasizes fashionability and functionality.
  • Review / While this pair of glasses has a simple, trimmed-down design, it looks contemporary once it is worn and matches many people. It is also light, gives you a soft feel when worn, and is functional. It is an ideal pair of glasses to be worn for long hours every day.

William Morris London Ltd.

  • Brand / William Morris
  • Product / Black Label BL40001
  • Feature / Striking the perfect balance between fashion experimentation and wearable eyewear, Black Label by William Morris London continues to explore the boundaries of design. A master in its class, the latest collection delivers styles that bring fashion and form together and create a truly head turning, premium collection of luxury styles for the fashion forward wearer.
  • Review / This pair of glasses has a sophisticated and unique design showing a playful mind and conveys the manufacturer’s philosophy. It can become a part of the individuality of a person wearing it without making a statement all by itself.

Kids Eyewear

Review on Kids Eyewear Category

In proportion to time children spend using smartphones, there has been a rising interest in eyeglasses today. When it comes to glasses for children, unlike those for adults, it must be taken into account that the shape and size of their faces change as they grow. Against this backdrop, products such as sports sunglasses have appeared, the product concept factors in children whose nose has not stopped growing. It is expected that glasses for kids evolve further with many more approaches in the future.

(Mr. Shinichi Sumikawa)


  • Brand / AirFly
  • Product / AF-901
  • Feature / The world’s first nosepad-free sports sunglasses “AirFly”. This “AF-901” are for kids  who love sports.
  • Review / With the 2020 Olympic Games in the offing, the usage rate of sports sunglasses by children is sharply rising. This pair of glasses can be said to have an excellent design that takes into account the skeletal structure of children in a growth period. It also has a well-coordinated style.

Tail Hook Co.,Ltd.

  • Brand / omodok
  • Product / little-102 col.BL
  • Feature / Nose arms that acquired the utility model absorb shock at the ring part and prevent shape collapse. Original corn pad is made from organic corn. The core of the temple made of Stainless steel has elasticity and good feeling. High quality Japanese made kids eyewear.
  • Review / This is a pair of glasses with an intelligent and decent design that makes parents want their children to wear. While it has a lighter weight of only 12 g, it is robustly made to give a feeling of assurance.


  • Brand / BCPC Kids
  • Product / BK-022
  • Feature / BK-022 is a kids frame with simple design and coloring that are just like adults' frame. Enough strength and rigidity promised in slim silhouette. Metal nose pad arms and end-piece enable custom fittings easier.
  • Review / Although these glasses are for children, they have an excellent design that makes them suit even adults with a smaller face. While they are shaped quite decently and finely, they are reinforced where they should be. Ingenuity in their details are appreciated.


Review on Sunglasses Category

It has become increasingly difficult to compare products in this category as it is no longer appropriate to group them simply as sunglasses, each pair of which excels in what it focuses on, such as fashionability, functionality, and sportiness. This lets us hold great expectations for the emergence of further product ideas in the future.
As the domestic market is still oriented toward sunglasses of the classic style, the nomination of two overseas brands from the perspective of enjoying sunglasses which give you a higher degree of freedom in use than eyeglasses may suggest that overseas brands have an edge in that respect. It was really enjoyable to select products in this category.

(Mr. Issei Mori)


  • Brand / CAZAL
  • Product / 9077
  • Feature / These sunglasses have a distinctive look with a double bridge and clip-on style shape that will highlight the contours of rather flat Japanese faces. 
  • Review / Among Cazal products, which attract many fans who are artists by their designs with presence, this pair is based on an excellent design that may become a standard in the future with the combination of fake clip-on sunglasses and a black frame, striking a good balance between individuality and daily usefulness.


  • Brand / HENAU
  • Product / ROTA col:5070
  • Feature / HENAU Sunglasses: ROTA, col: 5070
    Alluring Japanese women to the exotic place with the taste of a sweet Belgian chocolates. 
  • Review / As is typical of products of European brands, with its refined contour and voluminousness, this pair gives you elegance even though its frame is made only of acetate. It’s a product that we would really like to recommend to Japanese women.

Nishimura Precision Co.,Ltd.

  • Brand / Paperglass
  • Product / Paperglass sunglasses Round shape
  • Feature / It becomes flat when folding, it fits in a pocket or a long wallet and can be taken out quickly. It eliminates nose pads and uses a patented technology to realize a thinness of 3 mm. It realizes portability and comfort. Expand the place of activity of sunglasses and make it more familiar.
  • Review / The design that established its present position in the reading glasses market owing to its functionality and structure was necessarily extended to sunglasses which are frequently put on and off. A further increase in the variety of this line of products is expected in the future.

Functions & Technologies

Review on Functions & Technologies Category

In this category, eyeglasses were examined not only in terms of their design but also with a focus on functions and technological features implemented in them. There are diverse technologies for eyeglasses, ranging from traditional manufacturing technologies to the cutting-edge manufacturing technologies using digital equipment, and they are closely related with evolutions in industries and manufacturing businesses. Glasses were also examined by focusing on the relation between “humans” and “things”: in what situations their functions and technological features are utilized as features of wearable products and how they can enrich people’s life. A large number of various eyeglasses in which functions and technical features are implemented were submitted, making it difficult to choose one over the other. We believe that, as a result of heated discussion, eyewear products were selected which will match a new age to come and certain preferred occasions.

(Mr. Tatsuya Wada)


  • Brand / JAPONISM
  • Product / JP-C01
  • Feature / Timeless model of Projection series which has patented screwless hinge (Rudder Hinge) developed by our own. Using Nishijin fabric carbon on the front part which is super light and highly rigid material. Gross weight of the frame is about 21 gram including dummy lens.
  • Review / A major feature characterizing this model is that a totally new texture. It is created based on a very original idea of combining techniques of Nishijin textile, Japanese traditional crafts with carbon, a contemporary material. Its' front face expresses this new “texture,” and a sense of coherence with high precision is actualized by originally developed ladder-hinges in the temples. In spite of its light weight, its weighty presence creates a new feel of luxury.


  • Brand / Onbeat
  • Product / ONB-426H
  • Feature / No brazing connection, and the armadillo design temples are resilient for both openings.  This frame is hardly breakable with comfortable fitting.  The spring type lens lock system replacing a rim-lock reduces the lens distortion.
  • Review / The original design of this pair of eyeglasses make you feel at a glance that it is a functional product in which new technology is implemented. Breaking away from joining, which has conventionally been used, fine-tuned high-precision fitting technology is employed in all fit parts. We highly evaluated its unprecedented, highly original shape in addition to a thorough pursuit of a lighter weight by the adoption of beta titanium as main material.


  • Brand / PARASITE
  • Product / NINJA
  • Feature / One fully dedicated to screen and e-sport with a powerful filter blue light, an increasing contrasts and an efficient way to reduce eye strain. With its patented active holding system the comfort of this eyeglasses frame is unique. The specific shape of the temple allows e-athletes to wear headphones without any pain or inconvenience, for an outstanding e-sport experience.
  • Review / This is a totally new eyewear that has never existed before developed for e-sports, which are currently much talked about. An original idea called “holding” was employed in creating the product’s light frame weighing 8 g and made by a 3D-printer in light of the possible postures and movements of a player. Lens were installed ingeniously also to let a player concentrate in the game. This was evaluated as a wearable product that lets you feel a new age.

Admission fee: JPY 5,000/person without this ticket. Those under the age of 18 are not permitted to enter.