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Overall Review

The total number of entries, this year, was 268, which was an increase by about 10% from the previous year. Almost 70% of the entries were from Japanese companies. Popular taste seen in the products was decent, well-balanced and modest look as well as good fitting feel. Many of the prize winners have good fitting feel. Moreover, their materials are elaborately chosen and structures are full of the ingenuity. The market of sunglasses in Japan still leaves room compared to that of the Western countries. We would like to keep supporting the products' development.

( Mr. Shinichi Sumikawa )

Men's Eyewear

Review on Men's Eyewear Category

The entry products present the unique philosophy and emotion of the brand. Some of them look trend-conscious and some demonstrate originality by adding each brand's image to the trend taste. Some others focus on functionality and demonstrate the material beauty. Overall impression is that the products are so excellent that the evaluation could have varied depending on a taste of an evaluator. If allowed to wish so much, we wish we could have felt the creator's intention to make something extremely ambitious.

( Mr. Issei Mori )

Glasses Partner Co., Ltd.

  • Brand / Nakamura Kanzaburo
  • Product / KN-2531 C-3
  • Feature / For the first time in the collection, on the front I use sheephorn. Sirmont type. If is a gem that used sheephorn luxuriously.
  • Review / Graceful Sirmont design blended with the sheep horn presents an exceptional creation. We believe this product won the prize, because the beauty of the natural sheep horn perfectly matches with this design.


  • Brand / BLAZE CORE
  • Product / TURN X
  • Feature / Smart impression with cuts made on the upper and lower parts of the front and the back of the bridge while using thick celluloid material. Sand processing applied only to the surface shows a different expression by picking it up and changing the angle.
  • Review / This product won the prize, because celluloid fabric not only serves as a material, but also creates the design full of originality through keeping its material identity yet presenting a variety of cut works and unique process fabrication. 


  • Brand / Minima
  • Product / Minima 10
  • Feature / Fundamental and timeless, Minima-10 meets both needs for function and elegance, with a touch of impertinence. True ode to finesse, the frame is characterized by its pure design and its sophisticated temples highlighted by a subtle piece of ceramic. An ultra-decent, but very ambitious frame !
  • Review / Although the design excellence in the simple two-point arrangement is hardly recognized, this product elegantly presents the beauty of subtraction. To strike a good balance, the temple end is designed to be the largest portion. This blends well with overall design of the product. 

Ladies' Eyewear

Review on Ladies' Eyewear Category

Widest variety of design in form, material and color gather at this category. Although being both beautiful and functional is a common challenge for all of the categories, it is especially important for ladies' glasses. Since glasses plays an important role in the impression of the face at the same time with supporting eyes. This year, the evaluated products  not only focused on light fitting feel, but also took the advantage of resin's expression of color and feel. We look forward to seeing a highly unique design that will solve the challenge.

( Ms. Hitomi Sago )

tonysame japan Co., Ltd.

  • Brand / tonysame:
  • Product / TS-10536
  • Feature /  Acetate light features a rim that is approximately 1mm thin and 6mm deep when viewed from its original technology. This ultra - thin and deep rim has realized a light hanging appearance that is not possible with conventional eyeglass frames, enabling color expression on the side of the rim.
  • Review / Seeing from the front, you cannot believe that the frame is made up of resin. As you see it from the top you will realize its solid depth. This visual sensitivity is associated with light fitting sensation, which impresses the infinite possibility of the design for the glasses.


  • Product / PM704
  • Feature / Numbers, the foundations of this collection, are scattered everywhere, in the fronts, the bridges and the temples, but never randomly placed: they are the result of a precise design which includes suggestive visual effects created by a 45-degree milling process on the rims of each model.
  • Review / This product has a sharp-edged design with the cubic black cat's-eye frame on which numeric characters are arranged. This design appeals its distinctive character that may draw a wearer's hidden charm and expands fashion taste.


  • Brand / SABAE・OPT
  • Product / SABAE・OPT SOP034 Col.RE
  • Feature /  Melty round shape with colourful candy colours. Using beta titanium enables temples to be flexible and functional. Designed for adults who seek for cute design with stained glass style cloisonne.
  • Review / It coordinated the transparent ornaments arranged on frame acetate and a temple by applying similar warm colors that show up on a wearer's face. You can enjoy the variation from a classical and calm front view through to colorful side view.

Kids Eyewear

Review on Kids Eyewear Category

Traditionally, glasses for children were designed to look cute. However, what was eye-catching on this year was the design and quality for the glasses that can be described as miniature version of the adult glasses. Our impression is that this is the trend not only in Japanese brands but also in overseas brands. It seems that growing number of parents and children want to wear the glasses of the similar design. Meanwhile, the line-ups of the glasses for when using smartphones and tablets are improving ever more. We felt parents' concern and needs to those eye care devices are high, because the stress to the vision for children in early school year is a critical issue.

( Mr. Isao Takeuchi )


  • Brand / TURNING Step×Step
  • Product / TPK-3305
  • Feature / Colored and designed for fashionable kids who would like to dress like adults. Newly developed original R-shaped nose pad arm which makes it easy to adjust and to wear it comfortably.
  • Review / The product is designed for children, however it shows the quality of combination frame which does not show any sign of compromise. Besides, newly developed original item is adopted for krings. It is also notable that they pay attention to fitting feel and ease of adjustment more than they do to adult models.


  • Brand / BCPC Kids
  • Product / BK-023
  • Feature / We have recommended BCPC kids for parent & child coordination. BK-023 was redesigned the Crown Punt Shape of Style Model BP-3242 to kids size. The material is all-titanium, allergy-free molded modern with pop coloring.
  • Review / This is an excellent product, because it is not only a miniaturized popular crown panto shape, but also is a redesigned item specifically for children. It is extremely thoughtful to use titanium in every part of it and make the modern region allergy-free.


  • Brand / Shunsoku
  • Product / SY-9001
  • Feature / Blue-light blocking lens installed. This lens protects kids from ophthalmic problems caused by blue-light from electric devices. It is developed for new educational system in elementary schools which requires the use of tablets.
  • Review / This product is created in collaboration with the running shoes brand "Shunsoku", which is absolutely popular among primary school kids. Blue light blocking glasses are in increasing demand due to e-sport boom and introduction of tablet learning in primary schools. This trend will hopefully serve as a tail wind for further use of the blue light blocking glasses.


Review on Sunglasses Category

Evaluated products tended to be divided into two groups. One has something that shows playful spirit, which is unique to sunglasses. The other is represented by the sunglasses that respond to the needs of daily use. The latter type of sunglasses have functionality as well as the design that looks straightforward yet presents gentle hint of its distinctive character. In both design groups are non-Japanese brands attracted the evaluators' attention. However many Japanese brands are showing their excellence in their designs, particularly in the latter design group.

( Ms. Chizuru Muko )


  • Brand / Lindberg
  • Product / LINDBERG sun titanium
  • Feature / The design team of LINDBERG is inspired by classic eyewear shapes and have reworked them with the highest level of technical ability. The truly unique and seamless mix of materials makes diverse colour combinations possible. See-through elements create exciting visual effects such as lenses seemingly floating in the oversized frames.
  • Review / The product goes with variety of combinations of the frame and lenses, and this is its outstanding charm above all. While being impactful with the large frame, it also presents light image by incorporating see-through flavour into the design.  Thus, it demonstrates well-calculated and flawless design beauty. 


  • Brand / FLEYE Copenhagen
  • Product / Bacopa
  • Feature / Bacopa is characterized by bold lines and a contemporary touch, designed with a sleek inner-rim within the frame. Refined engravings on the back of the frame is added as a cool detail. Handcrafted from featherlight beta-titanium for a super light and extremely comfortable sunglasses frame.
  • Review / Characterized by 100% UV protection, this product proves its excellence by showing  functions the sunglasses are required. Feather beta titanium makes this product super light, which gives it additional credit. It is also a very good match with the unisex age, because the frame design suits both men and women.

Faith Optic Co., Ltd.

  • Brand / GLITCH
  • Product / COACHELLA
  • Feature / Sunglasses with studs pattern on acetate plastic.
  • Review / The product is designed to demonstrate rock-and-roll look, taking advantage of studs that is unique to the brand. Yet, it suits for a daily use by blending studs and frame into single tone, and it may suit any person. Its double bridge which creates retro-inspired impression is also evaluated.

Functions & Technologies

Review on Functions & Technologies Category

No matter how unique the idea is and how innovative the applied technologies and materials are, the product will be of no use unless it is likable to the wearers. The point is how the product can be stress-free glasses for the wearers. With that perspective, we would like to point out that there are many products that demonstrate creators' sincere efforts. Please pick up the award winning products and try them on.

( Mr. Shinichi Sumikawa )


  • Brand / BALANCER
  • Product / BA-202
  • Feature / Try this frame on, and you will know. Its weight that you feel when you wear it is totally different from that when you hold it. Especially the weight you feel on your nose is much lighter than the other frames.
  • Review / Above all, the light touch that you feel when wearing it is sensational. The new structure is highly evaluated, because it is well-restructured by taking weight balance into consideration. It is made based on innovative and unique idea, yet those ideas are formed into the logical and simple finish.  

View Master Co., Ltd.

  • Product / SOIL
  • Feature / Hinge less is light comfort. Taking advantage of its springiness, it can be worn around the neck, raising the convenience of reading glasses. In addition, a magnet in the center of the temple arranged to fold the arm. Using a base magnet can prevent loss.
  • Review / The point that the product can be used in an easy and casual manner is evaluated. Unlike reading glasses that you have to take off and put on repeatedly, you can keep it easily just by wearing it around your neck. Fixing by a magnet is such an idea full of ingenuity.


  • Brand / PARASITE
  • Product / EXOS4
  • Feature / Once again, Parasite extends the limits of time with the EXOS range.  Style and manufacturing materials are in confrontation: The steelskin (surgical steel) is here combined with antimatter (polymerized polyamide powder). These innovative materials are breaking with the retro inspiration of the frame and give it strength and harmony. This contrast between brutality and refnement has become the brand's signature.
  • Review / This frame is made by applying the cutting-edge 3D printing technology, which has been put to use for various products other than glasses in recent years. You can see the remarkable improvement in some respects such as material quality feel. We expect the further advancement, all the more because it has a good potential for customization. 

Admission fee: JPY 5,000/person without this ticket. Those under the age of 18 are not permitted to enter.