Winners of 2018

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Japan Eyewear Award 2018 Winning Products' features and screening comments

Overall Review

This year is the commemorative year for IOFT's 30th anniversary, and renewed the name of the award to

JAPAN EYEWEAR AWARD so that more people will to get to know it better.

We received the largest number of entries ever with a wide variety, and the products were polished in all aspects including functionality and design.

We also welcomed a new committee member and went through strict screening process.

The award receiving world-wide attention, all judges affirmed to spare no effort to screen and support,

for development and prosperity of eyewear design.

Men's Eyewear Category

Review on Men's Eyewear Category

Whereas frame and temples with volume stand out, many slim, elegant and classical models are also seen.

We enjoyed variety of models that cannot be consolidated into one trend.

Thanks to that, the eyewear users have wider selection of models to choose from to suit their taste.

It may have become natural to wear different glasses according to the scenes and styles.


  • Brand / pls.pls.
  • Product / PCB62 Col.04
  • Feature / Bamboo x celluloid series, the first titanium combination frame. We attached a new function U-shaped cushion to the hinge to improve the comfort.
  • Review / The first titanium combination frame from the brand which specialises in making Bamboo x Celluloid series. Wellington’s soft impression organically spreads out even more with the bamboo. Felt comfortable to wear.


  • Brand / ESPLENDOR
  • Product / EP-2154
  • Feature / The model designed to be an encounter between Neo-Classic and user-friendliness feels superior to you with springs in the temples for practical use.
  • Review / Finished with a slim silhouette gives the browline frame a new expression. 3D design achieved by the temples utilizing spring function provides an easy fit and an effect on sharper look for your side face line.

FLEYE Copenhagen

  • Brand / FLEYE Copenhagen
  • Product / Cole
  • Feature / Cole is a classic squared men's frame with an extra accentuated acetate topline layer. Designed with a layered construction, Cole combines solid and transparent acetate in layers placed on top of each other. The top layer follows the edge of the frame to create a calm and understated look.
  • Review / Despite its eye-catching thick frame, square design and main colorway of brown give understated impression, not showy at all. Careful attention is seen in details as putting layered construction on the topline.

Ladies' Eyewear Category

Review on Ladies' Eyewear Category

Not being particular in a certain style, we saw more models expressing each brand's taste and revealing its own technology.

Not only colourful and decorative, we saw the feminine aspects in details (size etc.), the pursuit for functionality with elegance,

thus creating more fashionable eyewear for daily use.

On the other hand, we saw a wider expression in ladies’ model with the unconventional approaches to design in which we have never seen before.


  • Brand / lafont
  • Product / AIDA 2040
  • Feature / The frame's round shape and see-through topline are impressive. Taking off the colour from the rimmed parts after etching process made two tone colours. Lafont's unique design with playful mind.
  • Review / Brow line rimmed by the metal lines is impressive. It shows a new expression of classical style. Although its unique design, it is excellent being made gracefully with the delicate lines and soft color.


  • Brand / TURNING Plama
  • Product / P-2210
  • Feature / Hammer finish on the temple comes from the image of a ring that glitters reflecting different angles of light. The round fox shape and the colour of metal are accentuated to give sharper looks on your eyes and bring brightness.
  • Review / Rounded mild fox shape and texture that reminds a turquoise. Also with the bumpy texture finish on the temples that gives slight glitter, the presentations which bring out the ladylike looks are perfectly balanced.


  • Brand / BCPC
  • Product / BP-3224
  • Feature / Flowers present themselves with layers of beautiful colours and that makes people feel happy and relieved. We made a special acetate material taking in their lovely presence with our hope that anyone who wears this frame can enjoy being themselves in any occasions or fashion like a flower.
  • Review / Seemingly purple, but the actual material of mixture of complex multiple colours is beautiful. While taking advantage of texture of the plastic, the frame is made slim to the limit which gives a feminine look. Light fitting.

Kids Eyewear Category

Review on Kids Eyewear Category

Although the number of entry products was not large, each product showed high degree of perfection.

The three award winners were evaluated on not only the safety but the perfection in details and its sophisticated silhouette,

perhaps even better than adult's eyewear. Especially, the collaboration models with sports brands incorporated movability and functionality

to its silhouette and colours, and are made into a model to receive admiration from kids. We hope to receive more entries for kids eyewear,

for its evolution in development technologies.


  • Brand / SKINS
  • Product / SK-121
  • Feature / 2WAY frame with a one-touch magnet sunglasses clip. Capable of easily attaching to frames with a prescription lens.
  • Review / Enhanced safety with using elastic resin, and delicate colouring & image processing creates a sporty frame that is as better as glasses for adults. The on/off of the sunglass frame with magnet clip is smooth and perfectly finished.


  • Product / EP-1113
  • Feature / The best selling, user-friendly ESPLENDOR with springs in the temples debuts the first model for kids, with the same design as the women’s, aimed to wear together with their moms.
  • Review / Used the function and the sophisticated design identity which were built up from their own brand experiences to develop kids’ products. The model offers high quality that's unlikely for kids and can be enjoyed with their parents as a pair.


  • Brand / SWANS
  • Product / GUARDIAN-S
  • Feature / Developed to provide a safe sports environment for kids with protecting their eyes. In addition to provide the safety with absorbing shock at sporting activities, the antibacterial surface facing the skin makes the item hygienically excellent. A model for elementary school kids.
  • Review / To support kids’ lively activities, every function required is provided such as cushioning, durability, and hygiene, and they are well presented in the whole silhouette. Complex different materials fit beautifully and it’s a highly fashionable product.

Sunglasses Category

Review on Sunglasses Category

We saw more brilliant colours and designs presented this year.

We also saw many sunglasses models with distinctive brand characters which may be suggesting the end of long lasted classic trends.

We felt a fresh breeze to see many items which not only focused on the beauty of the design but paid maximum attention to the wearers' usability

and functionality, such as folding and flip-up types.


  • Brand / BOSTON CLUB
  • Product / BUILDER
  • Feature / BUILDER is our first double flip-up model that can hold 2 pairs of lens for multi-purpose, you can make your own combination with either prescription lens, progressive lens, regular lens and/or sunglasses.
  • Review / Double flip-up model with a step cut process on 5mm thick plastic. The gimmicks in which traditional craftsmanship arranged in modern style is thrilling. The clear texture gives a light look. Outstanding fit. Enjoyable with 2 pairs of lens in front and rear frames.

Design Eyewear Group

  • Brand / PRODESIGN
  • Product / 8656
  • Feature / The world is full of gimmicks, trending in design as a sign of times. The functionality is adding to the cool expression of the frame. As the frame is foldable, it is very practical to bring when going out. With the special case, this frame fits perfectly in your pocket.
  • Review / The bridge position is set high and its sophisticated fashion stands out. In addition, not easily noticed but the functional foldable design is the key point. Excellent in design with practicality and for comfortable fit.


  • Brand / LINDBERG
  • Product / LINDBERG sirius titanium
  • Feature / LINDBERG sirius titanium is a multi-usable eyewear concept with a patent pending, interchangeable lens and inner-rim system. With a snap of the fingers you can easily change your single vision or progressive lenses to fit your context, whether you are sitting in front of the computer or actively enjoying life.
  • Review / Revolutionary item that provides interchangeable lens utilizing inner-rim system. The impression of design will change easily by the frame colour without using tools. Can change single vision or progressive lenses to fit the context. A patent pending.

Functions & Technologies Category

Review on Functions & Technologies Category

The evaluation focused on "Advance" with an emphasis on potential "functionality and technology" in the future, such as development of new materials,

craftsmanship and 3D printings. Unless you challenge first, you will not see new discovery.

And after years of trying, it will reach completion.

Then finally, we have to make a product that the users can enjoy.

We look forward to seeing the technology development which makes the market thrilling after three years.


  • Brand / PROJECT ZERO
  • Product / PROJECT ZERO V9
  • Feature / Thanks to the 3D printing technology, achieved a minimal frame with light-weight and colourful rim made from polyamide powder put together with stainless steel temples using no screw hinge.
  • Review / The product lineup using 3D technology will increase more, as long as eyewear is a tool to fit to each and every face. Ingenuity shows on reinforced hinge development as a product.


  • Brand / 1Ban Glass
  • Product / 136" 09AGC BOSTON
  • Feature / The world first one and only. The sunglasses which I was superior to transparency and visibility with three levels of next-generation hybrid structure glass polarizing lens, and considered safety. A gem with the comfort not to let you feel stress even if you continue running for a long time.
  • Review / The effort to develop an original polarized lens is evaluated. Liked very much of the nice frame design giving light feeling more than its looks. Looking forward to the possibilities hereafter including image processing.


  • Brand / Oga
  • Product / Glastra Slim
  • Feature / Morel worked with the cabinetmakers from Jura to design the temples, which are made of wood and synthetic glass. A true technical achievement for this frame where the temples are designed in a pure manner, as if the wood had grew with a translucent vein.
  • Review / Temples made from unconventional material of glass & wood sandwich structure is providing both elegance and strength. Evaluated the further possibilities on the challenge to develop new materials.

IOFT 30th Anniversary Award Category

Review on IOFT 30th Anniversary Award Category

Hoping the product which suits the 30th anniversary will still shine on the 40th anniversary.

A significant award it is, the evaluation criteria was difficult to be set up on.

But we came to the conclusion that it would be a eyewear which we can recommend to anyone with confidence.

The winning product - comfortable to wear, offering an orthodox impression, yet able to feel the unconventional technology background if you see closely,

and bringing out the wearers' intelligence and elegance. All judges agreed unanimously for the decision.

PTOLEMY48 Co., Ltd.

  • Brand / Ptolemy48
  • Product / Vintage Celluloid VC-049
  • Feature / Adopting outstanding craftsmanship to embed titanium rim in celluloid fabrics that are difficult to process. This processing technology prevents swinging from the bridge. Adopted a no-core construction temple and adopted a caulking method. Vertical Gradecoller complements the appeal of a man.
  • Review / With keeping orthodox silhouette, high quality technology of embedding titanium rim is discreetly used. Trendy blue in elegant gradation is beautiful and well balanced. Comfortable fit to wear.

Admission fee: JPY 5,000/person without this ticket. Those under the age of 18 are not permitted to enter.