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Overall Review

Despite a significant impact of the COVID-19 disaster, 182 products were entered, which made me realize the strong motivation of each manufacturer for monozukuri or craftsmanlike manufacturing. 11 out of 15 products awarded this year were made by Japanese manufacturers, the result faithfully reflecting their careful craftsmanlike manufacturing practice and past track record.  As a whole, a tendency is observed that a design with a subdued taste is preferred. I felt that the impact of sentiment of voluntary restraint is manifesting itself globally. While it is unclear what it will be like next year and after, I expect careful craftsmanlike manufacturing to continue in the future.

( Mr. Shinichi Sumikawa )

Men's Eyewear

Review on Men's Eyewear Category

While there have been many gloomy news this year, there are a large number of entries in the men’s category as usual, and we had heated discussions. We find a design which has originality while following the trend as well as one formulated by way of original technology or world view without being influenced by the trend. There are an increasing number of products in the men’s category which have a visually enjoyable design, which seems, to me, to be a very good trend. I expect a new design will emerge from such a trend which will give a new impact on the trend.

( Mr. Issei Mori )

ic! berlin japan K.K.

  • Brand / ic! berlin
  • Product / Ricky Y.
  • Feature / Eyewear that has evolved a classical form into a modern and sophisticated style with a hybrid structure of sheet metal and transparent acetate. The appearance of the structure that can be seen through the highly transparent material is also an attractive accent.
  • Review / This is a model which brilliantly transformed a classic Sirmont style into a new Sirmont style by modifying it by combining stainless steel and acetate. These glasses strike an exquisite balance, in light of your total style, that “prevents them from being noticed too much.”


  • Brand / TURNING
  • Product / T-190
  • Feature / It is a high-quality acetate frame that features original parts such as leaf spring type "5-shaped core metal" and adjustable "R-shaped clings" for a comfortable fit and the brilliance of metal hinges that can be seen from the side.
  • Review / Combined with the beauty of their frame typical of Taniguchi Optical’s products, it enhances the standard design of these glasses to a yet higher level that the core metal of their temples and clings raise their wearing comfort to the maximum degree.


  • Brand / SABAE・OPT
  • Product / SABAE・OPTClassic SOCL318 Col.2
  • Feature / The aim is "ultimate simplicity". By finishing the titanium frame matte, it is not only comfortable to wear but also light in appearance, and tightened with the cloisonne on the front. We made it so you can feel free wearing them.
  • Review / I feel that these are a pair of glasses whose product value is further enhanced by their simple design that accentuates the excellence of their finish. This is a product that overcomes the difficulty of enhancing a simple item.

Ladies' Eyewear

Review on Ladie's Eyewear Category

As “stay-home hours” increase due to the COVID-19 disaster, with more opportunities to view yourself on the screen of your monitor, I believe such glasses are in demand that fits with a natural makeup look and adds spice to our daily life that tends to be monotonous. Perhaps partly because of this, such glasses garnered votes that have a design which is not overdone, but focuses on color and texture in a discreet manner. The point is “how carefully a pink color is handled,” which has a decisive impact on how a woman’s skin appears.

( Ms. Chizuru Muko )


  • Brand / BCPC
  • Product / BP-3263
  • Feature /  The concept is "glasses as jewelry". The cool texture of metal and the gentle texture of ceramic pearls blend together in sophisticated shapes and colors. The original neutral color is also one of the attractions that appeals beautifully for your skin tones.
  • Review / These glasses look plain but were made with attention to details and have many interesting aspects. They exhibit both a subtracting sense of design that skillfully manipulates the texture of material used and high technology. Their design is simple but has a certain twist and is likely to be loved by women “who like modern art.”


  • Brand / mamuse
  • Product / m-8015
  • Feature / Boston shape frames with Windsor rims. The matte finish temple tips are painted by clear color epoxy on the outside end tips. You can see a clear color epoxy on the outside end tips and the matte color through the matte clear temple tip from the inside.
  • Review / These are glasses with a make-up effect. Their color, which is characterized by “bleeding and blurring” translucency, fits the color of skin well and helps make the wearer’s face look bright. Their frame which looks slightly voluminous is cute and asserts their character in a discreet manner.

Hug Ozawa Co., Ltd.

  • Brand / EYEs CLOUD
  • Product / EC-1066
  • Feature / The ULTEM Resin frame "iCloud" is lightweight and pliable like a cloud. The hinge structure of the metal parts makes it adjustable that used to be difficult with ULTEM Resin. This easy to wear glasses are a product that is also easy to use as "house glasses".
  • Review / These glasses have a design that looks flamboyant at a glance but match many people. When you are spending “stay-at-home hours” without makeup, just wearing these glasses may let you realize a little bit that you are actually working. Their reasonable pricing is also attractive.

Kids Eyewear

Review on Kids Eyewear Category

It is the case with children also that their hours spent viewing a screen are drastically increasing under the sentiment of voluntary restraint; the idea of protecting eyes will be deemed further more important. In addition, products whose nose pads are easy to be replaced stand out this year. I think it very important that measures have been worked out for parts prone to damage in the daily life of children, who tend to engage in vigorous movement more than adults do. When it comes to taste, simple and decent glasses garnered votes which temp adults to buy them for their children.


( Mr. Shinichi Sumikawa )


  • Brand / Jkids
  • Product / GR16
  • Feature / 1) Exclusive new lower pads position for kids
    2) Easy to change pad arms with optional piece
    3) CROSSGUARD® - Additional layer coat prevents small scratches, dust and provides soft touch
    4) Rounded safe edges at temple hinges
    5) Designed tips - available to shorten temple length up to 10mm
  • Review / These are glasses which tempt you to buy them for your children. While their large roundish lens follow the current trend, they are characterized by such decency that gives an intelligent impression. Ingenious features designed for children are found here and there, which suggests a careful manufacturing attitude.


  • Brand / omodok
  • Product / little-104 col.PUR
  • Feature / Sophisticated design like adult glasses. The "Ring Suspension Nose", which has acquired a utility model, has a special structure that creates elasticity and is strong and durable against losing its shape. Organic material cone pad. Eyewear made in Japan with design and functionality.
  • Review / These glasses have a likeable design as they were ingeniously made to produce a comfortable fit for children. Their subtle coloring looks tasteful albeit being modest.  Their utility model patented suspension is an assuring element given that children tend to handle glasses roughly.


  • Brand / Mokki
  • Product / Mokki ScreenSafe White
  • Feature / Designed for prolonged daily use in front of any type of screen.
    Mokki ScreenSafe reduces blue light by 99 percentage and decreases the load on the retina. The glasses are treated with an anti reflective, AR coating that eliminates light reflections on both sides of the glasses.
  • Review / While their manufacturer is located in Norway, the design of these glasses seems to have potential appeal to the Japanese taste of fashion as well.  As children are spending drastically increasing time using smartphones and/or PCs, this is an item expected to be deemed more important further as it protect eyes by reducing blue light exposure by 99%.


Review on Sunglasses Category

Among products ranging from one equipped with a variety of functions to one with a basic design, sunglasses with an attractive design pivotal to your style were found to be impressive. Overseas manufacturers excelled in glasses with a fashionable and vividly-colored design, as expected. When it comes to simple but smart designs which take into account wearing comfort also, domestically made glasses excelled.  I look forward to the emergence of sunglasses based on excellence in wearing comfort and quality to which higher fashionability is added.

( Ms. Saori Oyamada )


  • Brand / theo eyewear
  • Product / Flores 3
  • Feature / LAVALANDS series: Contrasting materials, form and vigorous colour compositions come together for a sharp and evolutionary aesthetic. The warm appeal of acetate is aligned with the understated coolness and comfort of steel. The spectacular beauty of the elements make the innate character of the glasses erupt into their primordial form.
  • Review / These have a dynamic design that cheers you up if you wear them. While it may seem difficult to match them with your outfit of the day at a glance, since their lens has a subdued dark tone, it is considered perfectly acceptable to match them with a plain outfit to show your adult-like sense of playfulness.

VATOK Co., Ltd.

  • Brand / Signatuer by FLEYE
  • Product / Marie
  • Feature / This sunglasses combined soft curved octagon shape and a purple-colored UV cut lens that is slightly visible. β-titanium sheet metal makes it lightweight and comfortable to wear. Inner rims and presswork are added to have  stereoness.
  • Review / Their distinctive exquisite translucency that lets eyes visible is beautiful. With their soft shape, they give a feminine and fashionable impression.

Katohachi Co., Ltd.

  • Brand / furrow
  • Product / FUGAKU
  • Feature / It is a new technology that enables a variety of depth designs by sandwiching and molding a special film, coated by inkjet printing or vacuum deposition in the fabric.
    By attaching a cloth with the same pattern as the frame, you can create a sense of unity as a product.
  • Review / With their chic and refined form, they can be worn irrespective of gender. In a drastic contrast to their simple front view, their back view exhibits a characteristic and excellent design which is plain but tasteful.

Functions & Technologies

Review on Functions & Technologies Category

This year, as a result of the special circumstances caused by the COVID-19 disaster, I felt that eyeglasses do make their own contribution not only to the solution of functional problems that their users have, but also to the solution of social problems. As for one product, a consideration for wearing a helmet outdoor has resulted in convenience in wearing a mask. Another product for people fighting against virus at the front line has an important function of protecting life. In light also of products whose raw materials were selected from the perspective of environmental protection, this is the year in which what glasses can do was shown to the society.

( Ms. Hitomi Sago )

ALPHA Co., Ltd.

  • Brand / F
  • Product / FJP-001 C01
  • Feature / The long curve temple supported by the back of the head eliminates lateral pressure and realizes a light and soft wearing comfort. You can also hang it around your neck when you are not using it because of its structural advantages. Adopts a Japanese-made polarized lens for a clear view.
  • Review / Not only do these glasses have a light fit and produce no sense of pressure, you can easily put them on and off even when you are wearing a mask. The manufacturer remarkably well defined issues to be addressed for users to wear these glasses in an active and comfortable manner, which includes being able to hang glasses around the neck conveniently when they are not worn, and provided solutions with marvelous technological competence.


  • Brand / ESS (Eye Safety Systems)
  • Feature / A model designed as part of a project to support healthcare professionals and first-time responders around the world who are still at the forefront of the dangerous phase of Covid-19 leading to a pandemic.
  • Review / This is an excellent product designed not as goggles but compact eyeglasses to protect eyes from viral entry with consideration for good side vision and a low likelihood of fogging up. The attitude of its manufacturer which rapidly embarked on its development in a critical situation as well as the result of such development deserve appraisal.

UCHIDA PLASTIC Co., Ltd. (glassick)

  • Brand / Recycled PET bottles glasses
  • Product / Recycled PET bottles glasses 0001
  • Feature / Glasses made from recycled PET bottles.
  • Review / It is appraisal that the manufacturer recycles PET bottles to produce eyeglasses in order to solve the problem of microplastics. In order to develop craftsmanlike manufacturing from the perspective of environmental protection, it is expected of this company to improve the design of this product in the future.

Admission fee: JPY 5,000/person without this ticket. Those under the age of 18 are not permitted to enter.