26th Japan Best Dressed Eyes Awards

Celebrities including actors, actresses, prominent politicians and others were presented with awards celebrating their outstanding eyewear fashion sense.
The Awards Presentation Ceremony was taken place on the first day of the exhibition.

26th Japan Best Dressed Eyes Award-winners' Profile

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  • Showbiz Field
    Honami Suzuki
    Sunglasses Field
    Political Field
    Tomomi Inada
    (Minister in charge of
    "Cool Japan" Strategy)
    Sport Field
    Tomoki Kameda
    (WBO Bantamweight
  • Economic Field
    Takuro Morinaga
    (Professor, Dokkyo University/
    Cultural Field
    Naoki Hyakuta
    Special Prize
    (Celebrities who the industry encourages to wear eyewear)
    Emi Takei